COVID-19 Testing For Businesses

COVID-19 Testing For Businesses

COVID-19 Testing For Businesses

I know that today one of the most daunting thoughts in our minds as business owners is how do I keep my employees from getting Covid? so I won’t have to shut down. There is a way you can protect your employees and keep your workplace and team safe. 

Here at NC Mobile Wellness, we bring the lab to you. We have trained professionals who can come on-site and prevent you from stopping production. 

What We Do When We Come On Site:

  • Our Medical professionals screen your employees for COVID-19
  • We Provide nasopharyngeal swabs
  • We can do on-site pop-ups for large businesses

What Types of Test Do You Provide?

Rapid PCR

Rapid PCR Testing: Tests for viral RNA produced by any level of current infection. Considered the gold standard by the CDC due to high level of sensitivity and specificity. Results ready in 1 hour.

Rapid Antigen

Rapid Antigen testing: Tests for antigens produced by high levels of current infection. Results delivered in 30 minutes, Most accurate near peak infection.

All of our testings are done via nasal swabs and are read by a CLIA- accredited lab. The best part is we can have the results before leaving the site.

We provide COVID-19 testing solutions for all types of businesses. We take the pain and inconvenience from management and human resources that companies face when trying to set up company testing. we take care of every single detail so you have peace of mind and worry about things that matter the most.

Who Perform the COVID-19 Tests?

All testing is performed by qualified medical professionals that are highly trained, ensuring that each COVID-19 test is administered with an unmatched level of accuracy. Each test is FDA and EUA approved to meet our clients’ demand for accurate solutions fostered by leading medical innovation. Our fast turnaround times include 15-30 minute rapid antigen tests and 30 minutes Rapid PCR results in 1 hour.

No matter the type of business, We have you covered!

Some Reasons To Start Testing Your Employees:

1. Customer safety: Be proud to tell your customers that your staff is tested on a regular basis to prevent the spread

2. Employee Safety: Keep your work environment safe 

3. Improved Productivity: Keeping your employees working in a safe environment improves productivity and employee satisfaction

How Much Does it Cost For You To Come On-Site

Pricing depends on the test being performed and the number of people being tested the more people being tested. 

Testing: Costs are variable based on frequency and type of testing performed. We offer PCR (gold standard) and rapid antigen tests, all of which have received FDA EUA approval. We also, do monthly testing contracts where we go on-site once per month for testing.

Does Insurance Cover COVID-19 Testing for Businesses?

Insurance coverage is generally limited to one-time or first-time testing for the PCR COVID19 testing through an employee’s insurance plan. But, recurring testing is not routinely covered by an employee insurance plan.

The CDC recommends recurrent testing every two to three weeks to lower the risk of workplace coronavirus transmission, so it is best to use the employee insurance plan for the first group test to reduce the economic burden on your business.

What Type Of Business Have You Worked With In the Past?

Film Studios

Our concierge-style services make it easier for productions to film since we can have a nurse on-site making sure all of your stars are safe and comfortable while working. We perform on the spot COVID-19 test which are ideals for productions.

Restaurants and Retail

We have worked with many restaurants to keep them operating safely since it’s almost impossible for them to work 6 feet apart. It only takes one sick person for the rest of your employees to get sick. Let NC Mobile Wellness be the one to take the burden off your shoulders by proving onsite COVID-19 testing.

Corporate COVID-19 Testing

We have worked with law firms, doctor offices, and many others. We are fast efficient and discrete. Our main goal is to keep you and your employees happy and healthy.

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