Lipodissolve Mesotherapy For Body Sculpting

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What is Lipodissolve or Mesotherapy?

Lipodissolve is similar to mesotherapy because it is an injection lipolysis dissolution solution that is an alternative to a more invasive liposuction procedure. Lipodissolve, however, has a standard formulation consisting of the primary ingredients phosphatidylcholine (PC) and deoxycholate (DC).

PC helps with the digestion and drainage of the fat cells broken down by the bile salt DC.  This procedure is safe and the best way to get rid of unwanted fat without surgery.

This an office procedure with no downtime.

How Does Lipodissolve (PCDC) Works?

How Lipodissolve (PC/DC) Works both components of PC/DC in Lipodissolve have an effect on fat. Studies have shown reduced fat tissue volume through the destruction of fat cells. The exact mechanism is not known, but it is believed to be the direct destruction of fat cells as well as triggering fat cell death. This is a process called apoptosis. PC/DC has been shown to selectively reduce fat cells without damaging other tissues, although there have been reports of skin trauma such as blistering, which is very rare.

Mesotherapy PCDC

Areas that can be treat it with Lipodissolve (PCDC)

  1. Abdomen
  2. Upper Arms (Consider to be 1 area) 
  3. Love Handles (consider to be 1 area)
  4. Back Fat 
  5. Chin Area

Cost it $499 per area or $399 when you purchase 3 treatments

How Many Treatments Are Needed with Lipodissolve

Usually, patients need around 1-3 treatments but this is dependent on the area. Many patients get more than one area treated during the same appointment. Appointments are usually scheduled 4 weeks apart to determine additional treatments.

What is the process?

mesotherapy chin area

Consultation: 1 hour for a new patient, 45 mins for an existing procedure
Recovery: 3-10 days of swelling, heat, tenderness, and redness in the treated areas
Duration of results: Permanent fat reduction provided the patient maintains their body weight and lifestyle
Cost: $499 per body area

PCDC abdominal area

Lipodissolve compared to Other Fat Reduction Treatments: Lipodissolve VS Mesotherapy?

There is really an overlap between these two Mesotherapy means injecting various drugs under the skin. When doctors noticed that PC/DC injections reduce fat, many performing mesotherapy started using PC/DC. Fat-reducing drugs commonly used in mesotherapy include L-carnitine, aminophylline, yohimbine, isoproterenol, and other “lipolysis” drugs. But only PC/DC was shown to permanently destroy fat cells, while the other ingredients aided in the fat cells releasing free fatty acids but offered no long-term benefit.

Who is the ideal client?

The ideal candidate would be the person who has stubborn fat deposits that are not going away even when dieting or exercising.

Tirzepatide in Cary NC

The visible results can be seen as early as 1-2 weeks, but final results are noticed at 6-8 weeks after the final treatment session.

After the injections, most people will develop redness and swelling in the treatment area, along with moderate discomfort. These symptoms are normal and are the most noticeable for the first 3 days after treatment.  Wearing compression after treatment helps with these side effects. (3,4,5) The swelling of the fat subsides after a few days, but it will feel firm for several days or sometimes weeks. Most people will resume regular activities, but the inflammation may prevent exercise or heavy work activities.

The visible results can be seen as early as 1-2 weeks, but final results are noticed at 6-8 weeks after the final treatment session.

Yes, it is considered very safe. It is a mixture of naturally occurring substances that we eat every day. The mixture that is injected is primarily a combination of phosphatidylcholine also known as soy lecithin and B vitamins. Dietary supplements of phosphatidylcholine or lecithin are advocated for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.


Thousand of treatments have been given and no serious adverse event has been reported. Some of the medically approved uses of phosphatidylcholine include: Phosphatidylcholine is given intravenously to treat liver diseases such as fatty liver, also known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. Phosphatidylcholine is also given intravenously to dissolve plaques in artery walls as a treatment for heart disease in Europe. It is also given in the US and Europe intravenously to dissolve fat emboli after trauma. Subcutaneous injection of the mixture is considered an off-label use of the mixture. Many medicines we take every day are not labeled for all of the purposes for which we use them. For example, aspirin is not labeled for use to treat headaches, however, it is generally considered safe.

Phosphatidylcholine has been used in Europe for Cosmetic procedures for over 20 years with no serious complications short or long-term complications have been reported.

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