Myers cocktail IV Therapy Cary

Myers’ Cocktail IV Therapy

After the Myer’s infusion you will feel rejuvenated. This is a very unique mixture of vitamins and minerals that when infused into the body will ease your headaches, nausea, fatigue and more.

Ingredients: IV Fluids, B-Complex, vitamin C, Magnesium, B-12 vitamin

Best Uses: Autoimmune diseases, Dehydration, alleviates symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, Nausea, Migraines, Seasonal Allergies, Depression, Chronic pain

Myers Cocktail IV Therapy


Saline: Each IV contains 1,000cc of normal saline, which is essentially sterile salt water. The saline delivers the rest of the nutrients to the body and replenishes fluids and electrolytes, which is ideal for addressing dehydration.

Vitamin B12: 
  • Relieves fatigue and maintains blood cell and nerve health
  • mineral helps the body resist infection and repair damaged tissue.

Vitamin B-Complex: is a set of eight B Vitamins that synergically work to:

    • Generates energy
    • Promotes growth and development
    • Prevents memory loss
    • Improves the health of skin, hair, eyes, nervous system, and the digestive system
    • Reduces stress

Vitamin C: is a water-soluble vitamin also known to be an oxidizing agent that helps in collagen production and strengthens the immune system.

Magnesium: works as an anti-inflammatory and calms your nervous system. 

Benefits Of Myer's Cocktail

Weather is a headache, cold, fatigue or athletic recovery, the Myers’ cocktail is a must because it’s full of necessary vitamins and nutrients which will help you recover a lot faster. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Improves Immunity and prevents common immunological diseases like a common cold, flu, etc
  • Promotes the health and development of the neurological system and prevents Fibromyalgia
  • Enhances memory and improves the remembering capacities of the brain
  • Provides hydration and nutrition to the body 
  • Promotes bone, muscle, and cardiovascular health. 
  • Maintains blood pressure. 
  • Increases energy and boosts mood. 
  • It prevents stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • Prevents and relieves Migraine, Asthma, Arthritis, hormonal imbalance, and many other chronic diseases.

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